Oton unites affiliates, product manufacturers and customers into a single open decentralized network that can significantly change and improve the affiliate marketing and direct sales industry.


Market problems and their solutions

Centralized work principle of companies, using affiliate marketing leads to a number of issues, that can be solved by applying blockchain technology and shaping complex ecosystem.

Partner security
Public blockchain provides transparency and control over all the financial flows. The partner, companies and manufacturers can check the data on the blockchain and make sure that the profit received is fair. New partners can also check all data in public access and evaluate perspectives of joining the company, being confident in the amount of potential income.
Companies owners can exclude partner from cashflow at any moment and redirect profit allocation in their own interests
Non-transparency of deposits
Use of blockchain technologies not only makes all transactions between participants transparent, but also allows you to make cross-border payments, expanding the geography and user base of companies
Process of profit allocation at partners network is controlled by company, still partners may not get reward after selling.
Overstated statistics
Companies get access to reliable data in the blockchain, analysing which allows to receive information about sales and work of partners to optimize business processes and increase profits
Companies fake partner revenue data to attract new partners, expand the company, and increase sales.
Partner doesn’t own its funds
In a decentralized system, no one controls access to funds. Distribution of awards between partners is initiated automatically when certain programmed conditions occur, for example, when selling products or adding a new partner.
Most companies award bonuses to partners in personal accounts using their software, while partners do not own their funds and have no guarantees that they can withdraw them and use them as they want when they want.
Lack of resources
OTON Ecosystem offers participants the necessary tools to launch a business. OTON solves the problem of non-transparent distribution of awards, provides a ready-made technical solution for sales accounting systems and personal accounts of partners, and also allows access to a wide international audience of partners.
Entering the market of new companies and manufacturers is associated with overcoming difficulties in developing software and forming sales and marketing departments to attract customers. Many manufacturers do not have the resources to solve these problems and promote products.
Direct dependency on developers mood
Decentralized infrastructure of OTON is open source,it allows you to work independently from the development team, this way companies have access to their database, to the code and technical solutions.
It often happens that at the initial stage, the companies do not have enough resources to competently formalize the relationship with the affiliate marketing systems development company. Therefore, the intellectual property rights and the source code remains under the control of the developer’s company, which leads to developers dictating their own conditions, up to the withdrawal of the company


Сenter link of the ecosystem will be the marketplace - a trading space that connects manufacturers, companies, partners and customers.

When registering at the marketplace for each user a unique address in the blockchain is created. Full transaction history for each address will be securely stored on the blockchain.

Base cost of goods and services on the marketplace is indicated in fiat currency and OTON tokens. Cost of goods and services in cryptocurrency may vary depending on changes in the exchange rate

Convenient payment methods

Marketplace users can choose a convenient way to pay for goods and services presented.

OTON tokens
Crypto currency
Fiat currencies

Marketplace participants

End consumers

choose goods from the marketplace, make purchases of goods and services, choosing a convenient payment method


recommend goods and services and in the case of a sale are rewarded in OTON tokens

Manufacturers of goods and services

individuals or companies that manufacture products. Manufacturers apply for the marketplace listing and can add their products to the platform. In the case of the sale of their products on the marketplace, funds are credited to all the participants in the transaction automatically.

Main scenarios

How client can buy goods or services at the marketplace?
How client can become a partner at the marketplace?
How manufacturer can add their goods or services to the marketplace?
Go to the marketplace site without a partner's referral link and register. During registration, an address is created in the blockchain and a user's personal account linked to it. After that user can purchase desired products or services.
Enter the marketplace website using the partner's referral link and register. During registration, an address is created in the blockchain and a user's personal account is linked to it. After that user can purchase desired product or service. After a purchase, the specified percentage of a product or service cost is automatically distributed over the network of the specified partner in the OTON project tokens
If user already has a blockchain address he can enter the marketplace website and login with his address. Afterwards user can purchase any goods or services needed.
Enter the site of the marketplace or affiliate partner-company
Register and get an address on the blockchain and a personal account linked to it on the marketplace
Purchase access level and become partner community member.
Recommend goods and services to users and get transparent rewards in OTON tokens in case of sale.
Apply for goods or services placement at the marketplace
Managers will process it and connect with the manufacturer to clarify details, interview them and calculate economic components
In case the product or service meets all the necessary requirements, that product or service is added to the marketplace.
Upon the sale of a product or services, the funds intended for the manufacturer are deposited to him automatically.

Road map

2018 / 2019

Technical development of OTON blockchain;
Legal side of the project;
Launch of blockchain TestNet;
Technical development of Marketplace;
Development of modular affiliate marketing systems construction kit;
Testing of ability to connect new companies to OTON blockchain ecosystem;
Testing of modular affiliate marketing systems construction kit;
Testing and Audit of OTON blockchain code.


Launch of blockchain MainNet;
Marketplace launch;
Mobile app release;
Launch of ability to connect new companies to OTON blockchain ecosystem;
Launch of modular affiliate marketing systems construction kit for companies.


Launch of decentralized project management system - DAO.

White paper

Full description of OTON ecosystem, blockchain description, roadmap and other information - in a single document.